A Poor Tradesman Blames His Tools

Image: Denise Carbonell

That saying is as old as the hills, and so is the wisdom it contains.

If you’ve messed up then accept that and take responsibility for it. Make amends and then figure out how to avoid doing it again.

By blaming your tools you’re actually holding yourself back. You are lying to yourself.¬†You’re telling yourself that you haven’t done anything wrong and that there isn’t anything you need to learn.

At the end of the day, the real loser in this will be YOU.

You won’t be able to learn from your mistakes, which is the whole reason we make mistakes anyway. They’re learning experiences, so learn! By blaming your tools, your colleagues, your family, the system…you are avoiding taking responsibility for your life and for your own personal development.

Stop shirking this responsibility and start improving your life.

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