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  1. These are wonderful photographs and I honestly feel that dogs are
    with us to teach us HOW to Love..97% of all dogs are wolf – the remaining percentage morphs into whatever dog we decide – what other species can
    do that !

  2. True love is when a dog licks your face and is so happy to see you even after you left him/her at home all day, alone.

  3. im sorry but cats own your dogs

    cats actually have personality and indipendant thought, dogs are just a useful tool for the police force etc

  4. These quoes are soooo lovely and all true. My 2 best friends are my 2 dogs and they always cheer me up when I am down.

  5. such sweet words i wish i could say the same about all people but i guess i’ll just settle for saying it about dogs : ) i love dogs :D

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  7. The pix are adorable and the quotes are absolutely true-dogs give unconditional love. It is a shame so many are mistreated by idiot people!

  8. I have 6 cats and 3 dogs….
    People always ask my why i have so many..I suppose those that ask just don’t feel the love like i do…no matter what, my critters will always love me unconditionally….

  9. They are so so cute…..i have a German Shepherd back at home….I miss her…Pets are the best company no matter what…!!!

  10. ok no cat face can match the absolutely adorable face body etc of a dog, i mean sure as a kitten they’re great, but when they get older well there just not as exciting. Plus no one understands you like a dog and dogs are always there when you need them; cant say the same for cats. I loved the quotes they are so true and finn is not the sharpest tool in the shed.

  11. These comments that are posted with these wonderful dog pictures are so accurate; I love dogs; for me, all animals give us unconditional love…that is something we all need; how lucky we are when we have a furry critter (or not furry; I prefer the furry ones)to listen to our thoughts, fears, anything at all without judgement..just trust and love;

  12. Lol, the pictures are so cute and the quotes in them are so true. Thanks.

    :] Are there anymore?

  13. Yes yes yes! I’ve only been owned by a dog for three years, but it has been an extraordinary experience, one moment at a time. They are magnificent creatures.

  14. Precious pics! It’s no wonder that dogs are used in nursing homes
    as therapy dogs. One of these may be the only visitor they have that

  15. I love these quotes…

    There’s a reason why dogs are man’s best friend.

    “No one appreciates the special genius of your conversation as the dog does.”

    So true

  16. Dogs don’t lie about Love! Who else in this world loves unconditionally?
    We can learn a lot from them if we just observe how they act. They have no agenda just pure love.

  17. @Finn

    I strongly disagree

    Dogs save lifes…

    Cats are not bad but they like to be alone
    dogs will always be by you

    there are hundrends of storyies of dogs losing there lives for people or other dogs

    There may be some, but i never heard of a cat risking there lives for people or other cats

    Dogs protect you and are proven to be smarter

    (cats too)

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