Rise to the occasion

Everyone has problems.

For some people fighting over the remote is a problem because if they lose they don’t get to watch their favourite TV show. Others have more basic problems around food, water and shelter.

Sometimes our problems can be overwhelming – to the point that they consume a large part of our lives. Sometimes they can go on for years without a break.

It’s understandable that in such trying circumstances these problems become almost a part of our identity. They’re so much a part of our daily lives that we live and breathe them. They slowly consume us to the point that one day they define us. And when we reach that ponit we’re in a very sad place indeed.

Don’t let your problems define you.

Let your response to your problems define you, yes most certainly. That’s a wonderful way to define yourself. Rise above the problem. Meet it head on and triumph.

It might take years. It might take lifetimes. But if you can keep your cool and perservere then you’ve more than won. You’ve achieved what the problem was trying to teach you in the first place.

You see nothing ever happens without a reason. There is always a reason for why we have to go through every single one of life’s experiences. Whether that is an experience we enjoy, or one we don’t, there’s always something to learn. Experiences are life’s way of helping us.

Don’t let a person, a thing, or any amount of money make you miserable.  Don’t allow your problems to overcome you, they can only do that if you allow them to.

Plenty of ordinary people get through extraordinarily difficult circumstances all the time. You can do that too.

You can rise above the problems you’re facing.

Nothing is ever put in front of you that you aren’t able to handle – despite all appearances to the contrary.

Rise to the occasion.

Be brave.

Be bold.




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