It’s strange what actually motivates people

This morning I overheard someone complaining about how the lady at the coffee shop was rude to them. They were really irate; irate enough to say “I’m going to write a letter!”

Wow that lady at the coffee shop must have been really rude. What did she do, was she foul mouthed? Did she rip them off? Nope, the story wasn’t interesting at all. She was just a little rude, not even much at all, she probably hadn’t had her morning coffee herself.

This isn’t interesting in itself, but the interesting thing is this – how many other letters has this person written this year? Probably none. So the single most motivating factor in the world for them, the one thing that makes them want to write a letter and take action is a rude lady in a coffee shop.

  • Not war, violence and bloodshed,
  • Not the irresponsible use of nuclear power,
  • Not corrupt politics,
  • Not starving children.

Just a rude lady in a coffee shop.

This is why the world is the way it is! We’re caring about the wrong things!

Forget rude ladies in coffee shops. Forget bus drivers that drive past your stop. Forget meaningless celebrity scandals. Forget these and all the rest of the meaningless clatter of our everyday lives. Let’s concentrate on the real issues in the world today. Let’s take action on the important things.

Let’s write letters about things that actually matter!

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