The good times will return

You know when you’re going through a bad patch things can just seem so damn difficult…

Even the simplest of tasks is a struggle. It’s like you’re walking through thick mud. Sometimes it seems as if everything is against you. As if even ordinary things are out to get you. Bad things seem to happen to you for no reason. You almost feel like you’re a magnet for negativity. As though these experiences are being setup especially so you can experience them.

But never fear because – THE GOOD TIMES WILL RETURN.

They will.

Don’t try to doubt it.

They will!

Everything in life is cyclical and just as good things must come to and end sometime – so too must the bad times. It may take a while for them to end but they WILL end.

They will.

Life is like that. It serves you up some difficult experiences which, although painful at the time, you end up learning from to become a better and stronger person as a result.

Despite what is often said – life IS fair. It will only deal you up what you are capable of handling. Sometimes the challenges you face may make you doubt this, but there is always a way through, even if it’s not obvious at the time.

Because life is fair it will only deal you up difficult experiences for as long as you need them. Then the time will come – the time MUST come – when you will be dealt up good experiences.

This is just how it works.

Remember that statement that is true at all times?

This too shall pass.

Unfortunately it’s true in regard to good times. But thankfully it’s also true in regard to bad times!

So how to live with this?

Try not to get to attached to the bad times, but ALSO the good times. Experience both equally and know that they won’t be around forever. Savour the good times while you have them, and know that the bad times won’t be around forever – the good times will return.

Remember this statement during the bad times, during the really difficult, awful, horrible times. During the dark, depressing, excrutiating times…

This too shall pass.

It will get better. You will smile again.


Don’t forget this.

May God Bless you in your journey through these experiences.

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