This Post Will NOT Change Your Life

Take a seatThe only thing that can change it is you. You have to make change happen yourself.

You are the Director of your life. You are the Producer. You are the Lead Actor. You are the Choreographer and Makeup Artist. You write the soundtrack. Your name is next to every title on the credits at the end of your life story.


This post will not change your life. It is just words floating around in cyberspace, written by me, some guy who lives in Auckland. I can’t change your life, I’ve never even met you.

You are responsible for the decisions you make. They happen between your ears and they are entirely within your control.

This post will not change your life. Only you can do that.

11 thoughts on “This Post Will NOT Change Your Life”

  1. I think of this like “grabbing the reigns” of life and taking control. Make things happen. Act, don’t be acted upon.

    The trick is to consistently keep at it. I haven’t yet found an answer on how to keep at it, it tends to be cyclical with me. There are times were I’m actively changing my life for the better and then there are times where I stagnate a bit.

    Maybe that’s just some natural law?

    Good post Julian – you’ve got me thinking. :)


  2. Yeah it’s exactly like grabbing the reigns Gwynn. I’m the same, sometimes I’m super efficient and sometimes I’m super lazy, I think it’s human nature :)

  3. Just letting you know that something’s kind of tripping with the great post about sleep. I’ve tried several times to leave a comment, but I get an error page.

    Anyway, the sleep advice is spot on awesome! Having a routine is my favorite one, but I also agree that getting enough activity during the day helps one’s sleep to come more readily. When I’ve gotten a lot of activity during the day, I’ve noticed that my quality of sleep is much better too.

    Adorable pic – I love the cat!

  4. I love the director’s chair picture for this post. It really is a microcosm for living. It has more meaning for me I think because I am currently working on an independant film project and I am LITERALLY sitting in that chair right now. Crazy….

  5. Too true. There’s a lot of great stuff to be found in the blogosphere, self-help books, etc. But only if we do the homework does anything change!

  6. Good luck with the film FupDuckTV (took me a moment to click with the name – I’m a bit slow!)

    Ruth and Patricia – I’m glad you liked it, I was stating the obvious but I think it’s easy to forget.

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