I Work Like This

I work like this:

(Never mind what the graphs are about, they’re just free images from Flickr’s Creative Commons that suit the purpose)

Image: taberandrew

Yes the graph goes up and down. There are periods of intense activity, and also periods of inactivity. That’s just how I work.

Some people work like this:

Image: tristanf

Perhaps an artist’s output would look something like that?

Then there’s those who have a more consistent level of effort/output maintained throughout the day:

Image: Mulad

Is one better than the other?

I don’t think so. Graph 1 is what most people do, graph 2 is perhaps an artist’s output, and graph 3 is really just for accountants ;)

But should we all work like accountants?

I don’t think I’d have the peaks without the troughs. And sometimes in those troughs there’s some thinking happening which ultimately leads to the peaks.

Play to your strengths – if you have a peak in the morning then do the difficult things then. If you have a trough in the afternoon then do the fun and easy things then.

How your graph looks doesn’t really matter if you’re getting the job done. If you’re not then it’s probably something you should think about.

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