…it’s something to seek.

When you’re bogged down in the mud of the daily run of things it can be difficult to keep your head up. When your feet are so heavy with the daily routine that it’s hard just to keep putting one in front of the other it can grind you down.

What you need at times like this is some kind of upliftment.

Recently I spent some time in the US and now that I’m home I’m surprised at the tremendous effect this has had upon me. I’ve returned to my everyday life with a bit of a spring in my step.

I traveled to the other side of the world to find this, but you can also find it much closer to home. You don’t even need to take a holiday. It’s just a matter of escaping your daily grind to go somewhere different or simply to do something out of your ordinary.

It could be a hour here, or an evening there, a few days or maybe even longer. Whatever the case, take the time to get away and recharge, refresh, reinvigorate. You’ll come back so much better for it.

What did I do? I went and stood on top of a mountain (Castle Peak in Colorado, this is the view from the top) and said a prayer for world peace – I highly recommend it.

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