What “Personal Development” Really Means

Reading a book about what it’s like being a soldier in Iraq isn’t the same as actually going there. It doesn’t mean you really have any idea what it’s really like. You might think you do, but you don’t.

In a similar way, reading blogs about personal development doesn’t mean you know anything about it, or that you are really doing anything.

You aren’t developing yourself – until you start to act.

How many of these blogs/books/DVDs/courses do you need to consume before you start to implement what you are learning? Success won’t magically come and offer itself to you simply because you’ve read enough blog posts.

Personal development doesn’t mean reading blogs…or talking about it…or¬†telling other people how to do it. Personal development is not a passive thing. It is a very active thing.

To find out what “Personal Development” really means you’ll have to take action.

Then you’ll know.

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