35 thoughts on “Animal Quote Images”

  1. Great post. Good job matching the images to the quotes. I really enjoyed it. P.S. I stumbled here

  2. Whomever doesn’t like the beauty of the peacock, or the realness of the name should be banished!
    -Stephen Ackart
    (With a picture of a peacock in the background)

  3. I hate cuteness and i hate personifying animals, but I like this page. Cute, yes, but thought provoking and no lolcatz. Not all true, but at least smart enough to sometimes disagree with rather than dismiss out of hand.

  4. Animals are awesome. (they ask no questions, and they pass no criticism).
    We could all learn from that.

  5. ‘You will never sneak up on a man with a dog’….read that somewhere and its always stuck with me….so true

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