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Quote from Robert Kennedy

Image: Powderruns

Quote from Phyllis Theroux

Image: skyseeker

Image: tacit requiem (emotional mood)

Quote from David Starr Jordan

Image: David Prior

Quote from Mark Twain

Image: absolutwade

Quote from David Brinkley


Mahatma means Great Soul

Image: [O*] ‘BharaT

Inspiring quote from Jimi Hendrix

Image: rightee

Inspiring quote from James Heller

Image: inoc

Inspiring quote from Albert Einstein

Image: twoblueday

Barbara De Angelis on Love

Image: GenGlo

Motivational quote from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Image: Kentfield

Motivational quote from hannibal

Image: JJM

Spiritual quote from Buddha

Image: lucasmalta

Motivational quote from Michael Jordan

Image: snapdragon

Motivational quote from Winston Churchill

Image: Ingorrr

Motivational quote from Johnathon Winters

Image: bluepointcom

Inspiring quote from Sir Edmund Hillary

Image: Matthew Winterburn

Motivational quote from Will Rogers

Image: wili_hybrid

Motivational quote from Henry Ford

Love quote from Dr Karl Menninger

Image: Noel Zia Lee

Inspirational quote from Martin Luther King Jr

Image: medium as muse

Motivational quote from Lao Tzu

Image: Me (This is Mt Cook, New Zealand’s highest mountain.)

Inspirational quote from Michelangelo

Image: Me (from the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa – an incredibly inspiring place.)

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