Julian Rosser

My first job was picking mushrooms. Since mushrooms are grown in manure this job could literally be described as “picking fungus out of shit”. Thankfully things have improved since then.

I have a Bachelor of Social Sciences degree in Psychology and a Graduate Diploma of Teaching. I’ve participated in an International Sumo Wrestling competition in Japan (I got annihilated!). I’ve been to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro, run a marathon by accident, and had my first book idea rejected by over 30 publishers.

I like to have a laugh with friends, keep fit, do yoga, mountain bike, swim in the sea, read and learn. I work as a digital marketer.

Some people can be happy in poverty while others are depressed despite their fortunes. The difference is in the way people choose to respond to the world around them. I hope that through this blog I can, in some small way, help a few people see the world around them in a different way and improve their outlook on life.



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