What Would The ‘8 Year Old You’ Think Of The ‘Now You’?

?Would they like what they see?

Would they be pleased with what you’ve become? Would they approve of the decisions you’ve made along the way?

Is there anything you’d be embarrassed about? Would you have some explaining to do? Would they respect you now? Would they admire you?

The 8 year old you was probably much more innocent. They saw the world in a different light. They had hopes and dreams, even at that age. They probably had more ambitious dreams too. They didn’t see why they couldn’t be a famous singer, or President, or change the world. They didn’t limit themselves as quickly as perhaps you do now.

We all wanted something when we were 8…to be a policeman, singer, teacher or just to have fun. Sometimes we change and move on to new and better things.  But sometimes it’s good to remind ourselves of what we wanted and compare it to what we’ve got.

How do you think the 8 year old you would feel about their future after having met you?

3 thoughts on “What Would The ‘8 Year Old You’ Think Of The ‘Now You’?”

  1. Julian,
    You’re really posing some interesting and useful questions here. I often wonder about what’s remained the same since I was 8 (what’s different is more obvious), and tried to put myself back into my “eight-year old mindframe” to see if I’ve lived up to my expectations. Surprisingly to me, I have only partially. Largely as a result of that exercise, I’m in the process of making changes so that I can say I have 100%. Thanks for posing a great question that asks us to remember an important perspective we once had.

  2. @Alex @ Happiness in this World
    Cheers Alex, I’ve used this as a gauge for many years now and when I asked myself this 5-10 years ago the 8 year old wouldn’t have been too impressed, but thankfully these days I think the meeting would be a much more positive experience for both parties.

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