A very bizarre situation

If you were from another Planet, another Solar System, or another Galaxy and you happened to visit earth to observe the goings on here, it’s fair to say that you’d be pretty taken aback. To put it mildly.

Here is a species of people that seem pretty much intent on self destruction. They kill each other for no real reason. They steal from each other. They are in a constant state of conflict with one another – for oil, money, power, sex. They seem to thrive on violence – when there isn’t enough of it around they create it.

It’s bizarre!

There is more than enough food for all on this earth, yet they have somehow organised themselves so that some have too much and some have too little.

There is more than enough land on earth for them all to have plenty of space to live, yet they are constantly fighting over small spots here and there.

There is more than enough love to go around, yet they are very particular about who they give their love to. Only choosing a select group they call ‘close friends and family’.

There are countless people suffering on this planet, yet the ones living in comfort ignore the suffering ones.

It is a very bizarre situation indeed.

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