Are you a leader?

You should be.

Anyone and everyone can, and should, be a leader. There are so many people out there waiting to be inspired. Desperate to be motivated. Eager to be encouraged to rise up and do something meaningful. They’re waiting for a leader to rally them, to bring them together, to unite them. To focus them, encourage them and engage them.

Are you that person?

Maybe you think that a leader has to have a public office. Or a title. Or experience. Or a plaque on the wall. Or official recognition.

They don’t.

A leader is someone who inspires others. A leader is someone who engages with others in such a way that STUFF HAPPENS.

You can do this.

A leader can be someone you least expect. A leader can be the person at the bottom of the hierarchy (and often the person at the top started at the bottom).

Most often a leader doesn’t start out as one. They start out as nobody in particular doing nothing of any real importance. Slowly their influence expands. They make stuff happen and get noticed. It might happen quickly, or it might take a while. But it happens.

All leaders are motivated by something.

For some it is simply the desire to succeed. For others it is the desire to avoid failure.

For some it is the promise of reward. For some it is the satisfaction of achievement.

For some it is the potential to make a difference in the world. Some want to change the lives of people for the better.

What are you motivated by?

What makes you want to lead?

Everyone has something in them somewhere.

Everyone has that potential to lead.

At the end of the day, a leader is a person.

Just like you.


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