Book Review: Soul Survivor – The Reincarnation of a WWII Fighter Pilot

What an amazing story!

A child, born to very traditional Christian parents, starts having memories of a past life as a fighter pilot in the Second World War. From the age of two he is able to give them extraordinary details about the planes he flew and the people who he served alongside.

The father is obsessed with disproving the idea of reincarnation as it goes against his devout Christian beliefs. He researches his son’s comments in great detail. His son even names people he fought with in the war and his father is able to track them and their families down.

His father, eventually has to accept the facts of the situation, that indeed his son is a reincarnation of a World War Two fighter pilot who was killed when his plane was shot down in Japan.

Even a sceptic would find this an impressive story – it’s well worth a read!

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