If Eddie Izzard Can Do It So Can You

Eddie Izzard on tour in 2003I just read about comedian Eddie Izzard running 43 marathons in a row (6 days a week for 7 weeks). The remarkable thing is that he did very little training before hand.

What I love about this story is that it shows how greatly we all underestimate our potential.

Eddie Izzard isn’t a naturally good runner, his physical abilities are modest. Yet he has managed to go where many people wouldn’t even dream of going. Where most of us wouldn’t believe is possible. Where medical science would probably recommend against going.

It isn’t his body that has got him through this. It isn’t freakishly large lungs. It isn’t a lifetime of dedicated training leading up to it.

It was his determination to do it.

It was mind over matter. Even though his body probably felt like it was falling apart, his mind kept pushing him on.

Is he gifted with an unusually high amount of willpower? Probably not. He has just decided that this is something that he wanted to do and so he was prepared to suffer in order to achieve it.

In fact Eddie isn’t even unusual in his achievements. Terry Fox did more than this and he only had one leg! Other similar feats include Cliff Young, Dean Karnazes and of course Forest Gump ;)

Is there something you want to achieve that you feel is unattainable? That is out of your reach and just unrealistic? Perhaps it’s worth reconsidering in the light of Eddie’s performance?

You never know, you might surprise yourself!

Here is Eddie Izzard talking about Darth Vadar going to the canteen on the Death Star:

Image: Wikipedia

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