Why all this talk about UFOs?

UFOs have been around for a long time – there are even UFOs mentioned in the Bible. Today they are discussed in the big news sites of the world: CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Fox News, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, Sky News to name but a few, and these are but a fraction of a fraction of what’s out there – the list could go on and on.

Is 2020 the year of UFOs?

It certainly seems so. We have the release of the much anticipated Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind, the documentary of disclosure advocate Dr Steven Greer. But even more surprising, we have the acknowledgement by the Pentagon that the US Navy UFO videos that have been around on the internet for a few years are real. You can read the official statement on the USS Department of Defense for yourself here.

This is surprising because the US government has been denying, covering up, and generally avoiding this topic for decades. They’re not alone of course as other governments have done exactly the same thing. Even when they supposedly ‘release’ previously classified files, these are heavily redacted so we don’t know what they are holding back.

Government coverups are no longer a fringe conspiracy theory. They’re proven to exist. The acknowledgement of the validity of these videos, after years of silence, shows that there’s something else going on – otherwise why didn’t they acknowledge them years ago?

The mainstream media has been complicit in this coverup by their willingness to go along with the silence on this topic. They should have been talking about what is really the biggest elephant in the room that the world has ever known.

What could be a bigger news story that the fact that we are being visited by advanced extraterrestrial intelligences?

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