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Quote from Robert Kennedy

Image: Powderruns

Quote from Phyllis Theroux

Image: skyseeker

Image: tacit requiem (emotional mood)

Quote from David Starr Jordan

Image: David Prior

Quote from Mark Twain

Image: absolutwade

Quote from David Brinkley


Mahatma means Great Soul

Image: [O*] ‘BharaT

Inspiring quote from Jimi Hendrix

Image: rightee

Inspiring quote from James Heller

Image: inoc

Inspiring quote from Albert Einstein

Image: twoblueday

Barbara De Angelis on Love

Image: GenGlo

Motivational quote from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Image: Kentfield

Motivational quote from hannibal

Image: JJM

Spiritual quote from Buddha

Image: lucasmalta

Motivational quote from Michael Jordan

Image: snapdragon

Motivational quote from Winston Churchill

Image: Ingorrr

Motivational quote from Johnathon Winters

Image: bluepointcom

Inspiring quote from Sir Edmund Hillary

Image: Matthew Winterburn

Motivational quote from Will Rogers

Image: wili_hybrid

Motivational quote from Henry Ford

Love quote from Dr Karl Menninger

Image: Noel Zia Lee

Inspirational quote from Martin Luther King Jr

Image: medium as muse

Motivational quote from Lao Tzu

Image: Me (This is Mt Cook, New Zealand’s highest mountain.)

Inspirational quote from Michelangelo

Image: Me (from the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa – an incredibly inspiring place.)

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  1. Hi I just dropped by to see what the site is about and its really interesting and inspiring at the same time.
    You’ve also got great info here! Very informative and entertaining. In fact I bookmarked it already so I can come back anytime! Thanks for sharing!

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  3. One of the things I always come back to are quotations. Beautiful images to go with those quotes make them resonate deeply within. I only hope that one day one of my quotes should be as famous.

    “You are where you’re at as a result of the choices you’ve made.”
    Ryan G.

    – well I think I made it up! ;)

  4. These are superb quotes! The last one has a typo–“to” should be “too”…very nice site though!

  5. I like your site, thank you for sharing,these beautiful quotes.and Ryan G. I like your quote too.

  6. please make these into large, quality posters…these have motivated me more than all the crap the stores try to sell. I WANT TO BUY THESE!….

  7. Best inspirational site i have come thru… till date The pics just and just enhances the word to its hundreth power

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