It’s all how you look at it

Perspective, that’s what it comes down to.

Bad day at work? Hey you have a job, some people would think that’s awesome. In fact millions would think that.

Nothing to watch on TV? Wow, you have a TV! Millions probably billions of people would love to be you!

Whether your life is good or bad really just depends upon your perspective.

It’s tempting to think you’ve got it bad when things don’t work out your way. When what you’re used to, or what you want, doesn’t materialise. But no matter how bad you’ve got it – someone has it worse than you. In fact they probably have it much worse.

  • The victims of the earthquakes in Chile, Sichuan,
  • The fish, birds and other marine life that is suffering as a result of the oil disaster,
  • The soldiers in Afghanistan,
  • The people in your town who have less money than you…

…to name but a few.

Think of them next time you get mad because your bus is late.

Image: MacJewell

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