If Your World Is Falling Down Around You Here’s 3 Top Tips To Deal With It

Firstly, complain. If you were to follow the example set by most of the people around you then surely this is what you would do. If everyone is doing it then it must work mustn’t it?

I can’t complain, but sometimes I still do.

– Joe Walsh

Secondly, blame someone other than yourself. This is also a really popular way to solve problems, so again it must work or it wouldn’t be so popular.

It wasn't me!

Image: corazón girl

Lastly, ignore it. If all else fails then the good old and trusty method won’t disappoint. Ignoring things is generally easy (at least to begin with).  Put your head well and truly in the sand and look for whatever distractions you feel necessary to keep your problems out of your mind. If you feel the need to drink heavily on a daily basis to help you ignore it then do so.

Also, don’t forget the little things and remember to: avoid fresh fruits and vegetables, cancel your gym membership and avoid all forms of exercise, watch as much TV as you can, keep to yourself as much as possible and avoid contact with others in case they cheer you up or try to talk you out of any of these ideas.

These classic steps should make a significant difference to the size and number of your problems ;)

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